Discrimination experiment no. 2

Interesting dinner party with a group of friends. I brought this cru bourgeois Bordeaux, half of which had been decanted 3 hours earlier. We followed the protocol described in the previous discrimination experiment. I described the difference we were looking for in terms of primary versus secondary and tertiary aromas. Of the 7 participants, only one correctly identified the source of the wines. (It was not me.) Now, people’s reasons for their choices did not always follow the description I had given at the beginning; many described one wine as having more complex aromas than the other (that was identified in these cases as the wine from the bottle); some made reference to the acidity. So, maybe there was a flaw in the instructions. Me, I found it very hard to distinguish between the two. None of the people in the group was a self-professed conoisseur.

So, good addition to the data set. I think we need a larger N size.

One thought on “Discrimination experiment no. 2

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