Breathing experiment no. 9: short decant

Following on my last Bordeaux experiment I tried a short one-hour decant of a classically styled California cabernet. Usual protocol. My notes (as always, written before the reveal):

First impression, more fruit on no. 1, more stemmy notes on the others. This  difference fades almost immediately. I began to think no. 3 was more like no. 1 after a while, but will go with first impressions again. Based on previous observations, no. 1 would be the decanter.

Well, if I had changed my mind on no. 3 I would have gotten it right; my configuration was dbd. The note on no. 1 is consistent with observations in previous Cabernet or Bordeaux experiments, that the fruit comes out a little more after a decant, or rather that the stemmy mask drops away. But the difference was very slight; it’s hard to be confident that the guesses were anything other than guesses here.

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