Consistency of tasting notes across time

Not so much an experiment this morning as a collection of raw data. I was struck by the consistency of this sequence of three of my tasting notes over a three-year period, so I decided to examine other sequences. I have too many sequences of three to handle without some serious data-mining, but here is a list of all the sequences of four or more, excluding sequences that included an un-rated or flawed wine or a note written from memory.

2000 Il Marroneto Brunello di Montalcino

2008 Domaine de Terrebrune Bandol

2012 Jamsheed Syrah Beechworth

2012 Jauma Syrah Scyras Clarendon Vineyard

2013 Denis Jamain Reuilly

2014 Jean-Louis Dutraive (Domaine de la Grand’Cour) Fleurie Chapelle des Bois

2004 Château Bernateau

2010 Château Haut-La Pereyre

1998 Pertinace (Cantina Vignaioli) Barbaresco Vigneto Castellizzano

It’s a mixed bag. I don’t really have time to go through them all (have to get on a plane this morning), nor do I have the tools to analyze them in a rigorous way. The 1998 Barbaresco shows wide variation, which is reflected in the other notes, and it seems reasonable to suppose that it was undergoing change. Others are very consistent, for example the 2014 Fleurie. I have to run now, but will examine these further and perhaps add some thoughts in the comments section. I should note that I never look at previous notes on a wine before writing a new one, and I don’t remember much from tasting to tasting, so these are largely independent notes.



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